Just start

Every beginning is hard. Regardless if it is learning a new skill, starting a new career, or as it is the case here, starting a new way of living. I think you have already decided to start Minimalism and I don’t have to explain the benefits of living a simpler life can affect your wellbeing. So let us jump right into it.

The right mood

Before doing physical things like decluttering your closet you have to set the right mood for this. Just take a moment and think about the really important stuff. Not only “things” in general also think about relationships, your hobbies and the things you spent most of the time with. After revealing those things write them down and think about every item on your list more deeply. Ask questions like “What benefits do I have in doing that or having that”, “Does it make my life more joyful.” and so on. Doing so, you will have a better understanding of what is really important in your life and you will get more sensible about giving some of those things away.

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Now its time to get rid of things!

After you are in the right mode, it is time to declutter your everyday surroundings. Look at the stuff in your apartment and ask the same set of questions as before. At the beginning, it will be easier to make 3 piles for your stuff.

  1. I need this
    Stuff you need for your daily life or brings joy into your life.
  2. I am not sure about
    Things that have some emotional value for you but you don’t really need it anymore.
  3. I don’t need this anymore
    Stuff that is just laying around with any kind of value.

The 2. pile is especially tricky, because you will find some stuff that you don’t need anymore but you cant get rid of it. You have some kind of emotional bond to it. This is normal at the beginning. Just take a box and put that kind of stuff in. You can put the box out of sight and after some time you can go through them again.
Maybe you give some stuff more value although you haven’t used it for years because maybe you will need it later. Also but this in this box or a separate one.

Don’t get me wrong, you haven’t get rid of everything you don’t use. If something gives you joy by just watching at it, keep it. Nobody wants you to throw away does family or friends’ pictures at your wall. Unless you get angry just by looking at some faces, then it will be better to put those down. Getting rid of toxic relationships is also a part of minimalism but not at this stage.

I know it is hard giving things away you got used to, but where is the point of having stuff you don’t need anymore or you impulsively bought?

You will have to do this practice from time to time. It’s a great method to get you in the right mood and to consciously think about the things in your life.

What are your experiences in starting with minimalism?
Tell me about it in the comments.

Thanks for reading!
– Daniel