A few years ago I decided to declutter my life. Not only from things, but also from relationships, daily habits, and activities. There were a lot of things I hated to do.

In this post, I share with you 4 things I stopped doing to free up more time to enjoy life!

Deciding what to wear

I hated to decide what to wear every day. So I got rid of this decision by wearing the same almost every day. When I find a piece of clothing I like, I buy more than one piece of it. After the thing got worn out I just buy the same things again. This already leads to the second point.

I don’t shop anymore

After decluttering my things I became more thoughtful about what I buy. When I want something, I take a step back and wait for a few weeks to think about it. When I realize I don’t really need this, I will not buy it. When I come to the conclusion that adds value to my life or I would enjoy having it, I buy it.

So I stopped clicking through Amazon or running from shop to shop to buy useless stuff. This saves a lot of time!

I eat the same every day

When I am alone, food is for me just a necessity. It just has to supply me with important nutrients and has to be done really quick.

But when I am cooking with someone, the process of cooking turns into a social task and I really enjoy trying out new things.

I am no food blogger or chef, so I don’t find any enjoyment in the process of cooking food alone.

Useless meetings

Nowadays our jobs are full of meetings that don’t get us further. We just sit there and our colleagues or customer tells us the same over and over again because we just got so used to hold a meeting for every tiny decision.

I only attend meetings that are really necessary for my job to get done.

What are the things you stopped doing to free up some time?

– Daniel